Jam Inspiration

We’ve selected a few of our favourites to show you where and how Jam has been used so far.  Some of the sites use the standard Jam look and others go a little further with custom graphics but they all help make a difference to those organisations. We’re looking forward to see what difference you can make. Happy Jamming.


Helping Uganda Schools is a great example of the Jam form. By simply arranging its information in order of relevance for its users, it's already much more accessible to its readers. The default Jam design keeps it clear, accessible and it works great on mobile devices.

It's final flourish, to reinforce their branding, is a simple background that makes this site theirs.
All JAM websites are mobile friendly by default -  which is lucky, as mobile users of the web are starting to overtake traditional desktop users.

Residents' Associations

Resident groups can make a very real difference to local people in creating a sense of belonging and supporting local initiatives. In this case Cale Green Residents Association, in sunny Stockport, had a website which was a great first step. Moving to Jam now gives them an easy to read and access level up.
Cale Green Residents Association Jam website


The original social networks where communities came together to make the world a better place - now assisted by Jam. C of E, RC, Jewish or Islamic as long as you are creating or supporting good then Jam is for you.

St Margarets Church Jam website

Special Interest Groups

Can you see how the Tanzeem Co-Operative website has used an elegant background image that's reflective of them to personalise their website? Great visually but their website content structure is the real success.

Nature Groups

If you are going to use a large image as your background, it may help to try and find one that has a strong connection with the goals of your site.  Users should be able to get a gist of what your site is about, even without reading a single line of text.

Community health

The BME Heath Matters website looks great on Jam.  They have chosen to a vibrant background image to really stand out.  There content is clean and simple, no clutter to be found here. 

Social Interests

The Lamda Lounge has taken a different approach for their website background.  Instead of a large image they have used a small, but repeatable, background image to create a great looking website.  Visit their page to see it in detail.
Lamba Lounge Jam Website


Jam is great at producing websites quickly and cleanly. If you want to go one step further and customise the look or your site you can via our CSS feature. Ideal when you have someone that can do the CSS code for you but still give the level of control your organisaton needs.
Nominet Trusts Our Digital Planet

National Parks

Built into every Jam website is a CSS editor, allowing your to drastically change the look and style of your website, as the Campaign for National Parks have done with te.  We don't advise tinkering with the code of your site unless you have a basic knowledge of CSS.

Youth Groups

SAVY have also used a repeatable pattern in their background, but have combined this with their own CSS code to make a great looking site.  They have made a big impact by using a vibrant picture at the top of their Jam site.


The Stockport World Citizen Trust website shows that white space isn't always a bad thing when it comes to design.  Their colourful logo sits on a white background and looks great on its own; they even used it as their background image.
A simple way of getting a great background is to get a larger version of your logo and use it to fill a portion of your websites background.

Useful Links

We have compiled together a list of resources for you to use, to help design your perfect Jam site.

Repeating Patterns

Repeating patterns are a great way of creating a background for your site.  They are small in size, have a stylish flair and above all, they look great!

Our favourite pattern site to use is pattern8 which has hundreds of amazing patterns for you to use.  Remember to look through all the pages to find the right one for you!  For a full list of other sites, we recommend looking at this page.

Large Background Images

Using a large background image is one of the fastest ways to give your site a fresh and interesting look.  Best of all, you could of already have the perfect one sitting in your photo library. Get hunting!
If you don't have your own picture then we recommend using compfight, which is a great resource for professional images. 

It's possible to search for images that are available to use for free; to find these, make sure you are using the Creative Commons button under the search box.

Once you have found the image you wish to use, you can find out what you can and can't use it for under its License Agreement.  Most of the time, people will ask to have there name attributed on your site, ie: Flower image provided by Jam Photography ltd.
Alternatively if you prefer to purchase a picture for your website, istockphoto is one of the largest stock photography sites on the web.

Important: Please refrain from using random images from resources like 'google images', these pictures will most likely be under copyright and not available for free use.
If you think your Jam website is great example of what can be achieved, or is being used in new and interesting ways, then let us know here.

We would love to hear from you.